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SOLVIA-PRE Model Generation

All input to SOLVIA and SOLVIA-TEMP is generated by the SOLVIA-PRE program. The analysis model is stored in the SOLVIA-PRE database and the model can be built up in any logical sequence of input to SOLVIA-PRE.

The SOLVIA-PRE input is free-format and is given as commands, parameters and data lines. The parameters can optionally be used with key-names and convenient default values are set to minimize the required input.

Input data from other sources such as nodal coordinates and element connectivity can easily be included using a READ command.

Interfaces to IDEAS Universal File and PATRAN Neutral File are also available in SOLVIA-PRE.

Structural Model using SOLID Elements
Structural Model using SOLID Elements

Element Generation
The elements of the model can be generated using lines, surfaces, and volumes. Mathematical surfaces can be employed to calculate lines along intersections. Generation options by MIRROR, TRANSLATE, ROTATE and SCALE commands are available.

Load Generation
The element loads can be generated using lines and surfaces and can be interpolated based on linear variation along a global or local coordinate system direction to model, for example, water pressure variation with depth. The interpolation can be deformation dependent to include, for example, buoyancy effects.

Model Checking
The model and its loads and boundary conditions can be checked in a number of ways. Examples of graphical checks are vector/contour plots of loads for a selected time and including temperature gradients and contour plots of shell thicknesses and distortions of elements. Examples of other checks are midnode positions, coinciding nodes, connectivity along element edges, etc.

Structural Model using BEAM and SHELL Elements
Structural Model using BEAM and SHELL Elements

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